Tessa is a Melbourne based filmmaker and photographer working diversely across the industry as well as within the projects she undertakes.

Currently working professionally as a Producer in the Film and Television industry, her work includes Producing Olympic Nick: A Donutumentary (2016) which was officially selected and part of MIFF 2016. Most recently she worked as the Associate Producer on West of Sunshine (2018), a debut feature that had it's world premiere at the 74th Venice Film Festival. Tessa is now part of the team at local production company Monster & Bear as a Producer.

While working in the film industry, photography was always an additional obsession that began from an early age. Focusing on documentary style photography, Tessa's personal work predominately uses analogue mediums to capture her life and the beautiful things in it.

Ultimately Tessa’s driven by observing and interpreting the world around her through visual mediums. Particularly using documentary filmmaking and photography to further mould her understanding of self, society and impart social change.


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Based in Melbourne, Australia

Email: tessamansfieldhung@gmail.com

Instagram: @tessamansfieldhung

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